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We Can Do It!

Our Mission:
The Computer Tutor Gals empower computer-challenged folks to master their electronic devices.

What We Do
The Computer Tutor Gals provide personalized instruction to individuals and groups on how to:
• Operate their PC or Mac desktop computers and laptops
• Use everyday electronic devices such as smart phones and tablets including iPhones, iPads, Android phones, etc.

• Organize and manage files including photos, documents, music and more
• Master computing tasks
• Use a variety of computer applications including
– Microsoft Word
, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook
– Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Final Cut and similar programs
– Mac iPhoto, iWeb, iMovie
and more!
• Set up online accounts such as Netflix, Amazon, BillPay, etc.
• Create social networking accounts, including FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc.
• Start and manage a blog or website using user-friendly platforms like WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Blogger
• Understand the world of possibilities that exist for working efficiently with their computers on and off line.

How We Work
A Computer Tutor Gal (or Guy) will provide individualized one-on-one tutoring in person or by phone, Skype, or email. Computer Tutor Gals offer group trainings and community workshops as well. We are patient, kind and thorough, helping our clients get the most out of the tutoring sessions by meeting them exactly where they are in their technological proficiency (or lack thereof). So not to worry! We do not speak over your head in geeky code -we use plain English for regular people who simply wish to know how to make use of their machines.

Where: Anywhere – including at the client’s office, in a library, on the beach, or in a coffee shop – either face-to-face, or by phone, Skype, or even email.

By scheduling an appointment, workshop or special training.

We’ll help you master your computer goals for $75/hour by phone, Skype, email or face-to-face at a local Great Barrington venue.
If you prefer, we can meet with you anywhere in the Berkshires for $85/hour (minimum 2 hour session).

Greater distances and larger time commitments to be negotiated on an individual basis.

We accept all Major Credit Cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover as well as Check, Cash or PayPal.

Call the Computer Tutor Gals
to schedule a session today!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Who We Are
The Computer Tutor Gals is headed up by artist, activist, blogger and social entrepreneur, Gabrielle Senza, who started helping folks overcome their fears around computers as a private tutor in 1997 while living in Rome Italy. A die-hard Apple Computer fanatic since 1985 when the very first Macs came to market, Gabrielle has extensive experience with a variety of programs and operating systems. Despite her loyal preference for all things Mac, she has learned the ways of the PC in her travels and has come to appreciate sharing her knowledge to empower people from both camps to master their machines.

We have friendly, knowledgeable experts that can help you learn all kinds of shortcuts and tricks, as well as loads of programs including Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, Photoshop, Page Maker, Quark XPress, as well as online apps like WordPress, Blogger, Blurb and Flickr.


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